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These are individual forex traders (most of them are newbies) decide to trade under the general mentorship of MagForex!

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Why Trade Under MagForex Trading Group

Trading under the MagForex Trading Group gives you an "edge" on your live tradings. Some the benefits includes the following:

How Is The General Mentorship Works

If you are new to Forex Trading OR you maybe trading Forex for sometime now and has not been successful, I can train you to become profitable! I have free video tutorials for you to watch until you get the general idea of how to trade Forex the right way. Then once you understand the basics, I will give you access to my tools that I personally use for my own trading so you too can become a "well-informed" trader.

And to ensure your greater chance of success in each of your live tradings, I will share with you my profitable trading systems which we use on a day to day basis so you can use it in your live trading too. Also to make sure you will have a passive income to generate every month, I will give you monthly dividends every time you keep on trading live under my group.

How Is The Group Chat Works

Trading alone is sometimes boring. And if you're trading alone, its hard to get help when you need it so badly. That's why there is an eclusive group chat that I dedicate to all active traders under the Magforex Trading Group so all members can chat trading related topics and exchange ideas about what could be a profitable pair to trade at the moment or what up with the market for example and most importantly ask specific help to solve their issues.

How Is The IB Tools Works

As a Professional Trader, I use various tools so I can have an edge in the market as I am trading. Some of them are "customized" and "Proprietary" to suit my specific trading needs for the sole purpose of making consistent money on a regular basis and to ensure sustainable income of course. And I will let you use my tools as part of the program.

Is This FREE

Yes! Everything is FREE! Joining my program does not cost you money. I profit from my own personal trading so I do not need to extort money from poor souls who just want to be profitable in forex trading. I will not sell you with garbage tools, garbage robots, garbage guides, garbage webinars or any garbage things you can think of nor I will trick you into believing that everything is free only to sell you some VIP services later. No, I don't do those cheap tricks only losers turned scammers are doing up until now.

Why Am I Doing This

I have been trading Forex since 2008 and until now, I am still actively trading. I already saw almost everything in the Forex World. I saw how poor people are being "ripped off" by so many scams out there and I WANT TO HELP.

If I can help you become a well-informed trader and become consistently profitable without you paying me a single dime then my mission is accomplished!

How To Reach Me

I have a small facebook group that I maintain and dedicate for support so if you have additional questions, CLICK THIS LINK TO REACH ME

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